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Welcome to CascadiaFire 2018 Registration!

We are glad you will be co-creating with us this year at CascadiaFire. Please read the information below carefully before you register. Please contact us with any questions before registering.

Registration and Logistical Details

CascadiaFire is a self-organizing living system, a collective organism. There is no “hired staff”; together, we staff the preparation and realization of this group event. We, the participants, are co-creating and operating this magickal gathering. Participants will work together preparing, running and disbanding the event site and operations. Signups for co-creator groups is available at or can be done at the Registration table upon onsite check-in.

  • ADULTS (18-64 years old) / $200
  • ELDERS (65+ years old) / $100
  • TEENS (12-17 years old) / $100
  • CHILDREN (under 12 years old) are free

CascadiaFire can only accept payment via PayPal. A credit card or debit card can be used through PayPal or you can use your PayPal account. No payment can be accepted for CascadiaFire at the event.

Work trade and scholarship opportunities welcome you in this Circle. Work trade valued at $15 per hour; onsite and other preparatory work is our priority with work trade.

Use the Contact form to communicate if you know in your Heart that it is your Will to dance around the Fire but funding is prohibitive.

Dragons’ Gate Gardens, the event site, will require direct payment during onsite check-in of $20 for each participant 18 years of age and older or $5 for teens (13-17). No fee for those 12 and younger. This annual fee enables CascadiaFire to use this event site and offers specific membership benefits.
We feed one another.


  • Sponsor: experienced in Fire Circle(s); can sponsor a Friend
  • Friend: new to Fire Circle community, brought in through and with a Sponsor
  • Newcomer: new to Fire Circle community, needing a Sponsor; will need to answer question in Registration response box and seek out someone to be a Sponsor

Sponsoring someone at CascadiaFire is a significant act of friendship, responsibility and community. As a Sponsor you are expected to: Be present at the event, for the entire duration of the time that your invited Friend is present. Be clear and explicit with your Friend about our policies regarding what behavior is accepted and avoided at our gatherings; this site’s FAQ section addresses many of the most common concerns. Take responsibility for making sure your Friend learns about our fire circle culture and etiquette. Some key topics include: taking conversations outside the circle, not smoking in or near the circle, leaving intoxicants at home, etc. As a Sponsor you are required to bring your Friend to the Welcoming Circle and Orientation. Walk around the circle with them and explain the architecture, orientation and methods of our sacred space. Check in periodically with your Friend throughout the event, to see how they’re doing and if they need anything. If your Friend needs support during a challenging moment do your best to hold space for them, guide them to a safe place, or otherwise support them.

You are responsible for carrying out these agreements. If you are unable to do so, you are still invited to attend but please do not invite or bring anyone who hasn’t been to a Family of Fire event previously. However, finding another Sponsor for them is an option. Our intention for the CascadiaFire is to have a group of people who co-create the Magick and celebrate the Mysteries in a responsible and respectful way. Sharing these practices and understanding these agreements enables us to move safely into a deeper experience. CascadiaFire is an open community and we are growing together through these shared experiences. Your friends and family are welcome. Sponsorship enriches everyone’s experience and deepens the relationships that are our living community, our Family of Fire and Water in Cascadia.

If you do not have a sponsor, the registration form provides a place to declare your intentions and aspirations. The CascadiaFire event group is a good place to post a request for a sponsor. Connecting and weaving our relationships is a central function of CascadiaFire and the Cascadia Vortex community.

If you are a newcomer or just an enthusiast, be sure to be at the Orientation on Thursday.

Parking for cars and RVs/campers will be available at the site. Sites for RVs with generators will be located away from shared spaces such as Circle and Gathering Space. Only the driver needs to pay the vehicle fee during registration.
You are invited to bicycle to CascadiaFire. Directions will be provided in your registration confirmation email. Connect with friends and ride together. Bring your lock.

Centralia is a historic train stop between Seattle and Portland. A shuttle van will make scheduled pickups at the Amtrak station based on prior arrangements.

Please contact us to coordinate your pick up time. A nominal $5 contribution is required, payable when you register on this website.

Registration opens Thursday, September 20 10:00am – 6pm. The gates will close at 7 pm on Thursday, September 20. No late arrivals please!

Village builders will be arriving on Wednesday, September 19. Others admitted early only with specific arrangements.

  • Tent camping is included as a part of your participation fee.
  • Some but not all campsites are accessible by car. You may need to transport your equipment to your chosen site by hand. A cart may be available for short use at the parking site.
  • The distance to the camp sites can be as much as ½ mile; therefore you should only bring what you are willing to carry.
CascadiaFire is a bring your own and food sharing event. Not only do hearty meals nourish and ground us for ceremony and creative activities, these shared meals are central to the community building that will grow long beyond this event.  As we enter the harvest season together, we will express gratitude for and celebrate the abundance of this living planet. Share your bounty of feast, fun, art, music and magick.

We will share dinner on Friday and Saturday. A potluck feast on Saturday evening will be our main community meal. Basic sustenance will be available for a well-grounded Sunday morning. Other meals will be self-organizing.

Eat, drink, feast and make Merry. All acts of love and pleasure are our rituals. Bring foods, drinks and indulgences that inspire and nourish you and your clan. We encourage bringing healthy and substantial main dishes, salads, fruits, vegetables and treats in bountiful amounts for sharing. Saturday evening and Sunday morning deserve extra abundance.

Many at CascadiaFire have specific dietary concerns. In respect for these preferences and avoidances, please consider foods for sharing that are free of wheat, gluten, dairy and added sugar. Any items containing such ingredients need to be prominently labeled with their constituents; so, please bring such labels. BYOB – Bring your own Bread!

Of course, you are welcome to bring whatever you need for your nourishment at your own campsite. Community potlucks and campsite sharing encouraged.

The Food Altar will be open during the nighttime circle as well as during afternoon community gatherings. Contributing substantial food, delicious snacks and nutritious surprises for the Food Altar is essential and separate from the community meals and potlucks.

CascadiaFire is a multigenerational tribal gathering. Children and elders are essential to healthy culture and encouraged to participate in ways that suit their aspirations, needs and abilities. Children and families are welcome to participate in community and child-oriented activities. Parents and extended family will come together to shape creative art, discovery and magickal experiences, including offering art and ceremony within the broader community. After a night of fire circle parents need to sleep like everyone else. Sponsored activities will specifically engage children during Quiet Time. Elders are especially encouraged to engage in creative events with children and families. Sharing wisdom and experiences creates cultural understanding and shapes institutions.


  • Children (under 12 years of age) are free
  • Teens (12-17 years of age) / $100 (half of adult price)
  • Elders (65+ years of age) / $93

Please inquire if this policy presents any difficulties for your family.

  • Departure begins after closing circle on Sunday, September 23.
  • All participants are required to depart by 6pm. No exceptions.
  • CascadiaFire does not make accommodations for early departures except in case of emergencies.

Refund requests follow the following schedule; any refund request must be received by email by the dates listed:

  • THROUGH AUGUST 1: Full registration refund
  • AUGUST 2 TO SEPTEMBER 1: 50% registration refund
  • AFTER SEPTEMBER 1: No registration refund

All refunds will be issued via check or Paypal within 30 days. Donations cannot be refunded.

Remember, Dragons’ Gate Gardens, the event site, requires each adult participant (18 or older) to become a member with an associated $20 annual fee. The annual membership for teens (12-17) is $5. This membership fee is separate from the registration for CascadiaFire and will be collected at the time of entry. Cash payment requested.
Register for CascadiaFire 2018
What’s Included


Adults (18-64 years old) / $200
Elders (65+ years old) / $100
Teens (12-17 years old) / $100
Children under 12 are free

Co-Create CascadiaFire 2018


Register here to co-create and participate in CascadiaFire. Together we are CascadiaFire.

Co-Create CascadiaFire

Participate, Learn, Connect.


If you are not already part of our CascadiaFire secret Facebook event-focused group please consider joining – it’s a great way to ask questions, meet people ahead of time, and be a part of the planning.

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The Cascadia Vortex community group on Facebook is open for continuing expression of the magick and cultivation of tribal activities and creative community.

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