Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions 2018-01-15T17:18:24+00:00

Thank you for your interest. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about the CascadiaFire event. If you don’t find an answer to your questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Choose from a category below, or view ALL of the questions.

How do I register? 2017-02-22T14:18:54+00:00

CascadiaFire registration is through the online form accessible at

Register soon – the number of participants is limited: 111

CascadiaFire can only accept payment via PayPal. A credit card or debit card can be used through PayPal or you can use your PayPal account.

Work trade and scholarship opportunities welcome you in this Circle. If you need to participate in CascadiaFire it can happen.
Work trade valued at $15 per hour; onsite and other preparatory work is our priority with work trade.
Use the Contact form to request a work trade arrangement or apply for a scholarship. The registration form provides an option pathway for registering and expressing your motivation and service offerings.

Make sure to download, read and sign the waivers to bring with you to the event.

Registration by mail or in person is not available. 

Can I register at the event? 2016-06-09T17:03:50+00:00

Preregistration is required for participation in CascadiaFire. There will be no onsite registration or payment. Space is limited and interest is strong so you will want to register early and join the co-creative process.

How can I participate in creating the CascadiaFire event? 2016-06-28T20:15:01+00:00

CascadiaFire will be what we make it, together. This event is a community creation hosted by CascadiaFire, Inc., a nonprofit organization. There is no producer or paid staff.

A cultural norm of the Fire Circle community is the healthy expectation that each and every participant will be part of at least one work shift during the event.

You can be one of the Co-Creators who makes CascadiaFire a beautiful gathering. Work parties and other opportunities to share your talents and enthusiasm can be directed to the signup form at

Announcements will be posted on the CascadiaFire Facebook group.

Much needs to happen before, during and after CascadiaFire to bring it to full flowering!

How do I serve as a Sponsor for a Friend? What if I need a Sponsor? 2016-06-10T18:25:19+00:00


  • Sponsor: experienced in Fire Circle(s); can sponsor a Friend
  • Friend: new to Fire Circle community, brought in through and with a Sponsor
  • Newcomer: new to Fire Circle community, needing a Sponsor; will need to answer question in Registration response box and seek out someone to be a Sponsor

Sponsoring someone at CascadiaFire is a significant act of friendship, responsibility and community. As a Sponsor you are expected to: Be present at the event, for the entire duration of the time that your invited Friend is present. Be clear and explicit with your Friend about our policies regarding what behavior is accepted and avoided at our gatherings; this site’s FAQ section addresses many of the most common concerns. Take responsibility for making sure your Friend learns about our fire circle culture and etiquette. Some key topics include: taking conversations outside the circle, not smoking in or near the circle, leaving intoxicants at home, etc. As a Sponsor you are required to bring your Friend to the Welcoming Circle and Orientation. Walk around the circle with them and explain the architecture, orientation and methods of our sacred space. Check in periodically with your Friend throughout the event, to see how they’re doing and if they need anything. If your Friend needs support during a challenging moment do your best to hold space for them, guide them to a safe place, or otherwise support them.

You are responsible for carrying out these agreements. If you are unable to do so, you are still invited to attend but please do not invite or bring anyone who hasn’t been to a Family of Fire event previously. However, finding another Sponsor for them is an option. Our intention for the CascadiaFire is to have a group of people who co-create the Magick and celebrate the Mysteries in a responsible and respectful way. Sharing these practices and understanding these agreements enables us to move safely into a deeper experience. CascadiaFire is an open community and we are growing together through these shared experiences. Your friends and family are welcome. Sponsorship enriches everyone’s experience and deepens the relationships that are our living community, our Family of Fire and Water in Cascadia.

If you do not have a sponsor, the registration form provides a place to declare your intentions and aspirations. The CascadiaFire event group is a good place to post a request for a sponsor. Connecting and weaving our relationships is a central function of CascadiaFire and the Cascadia Vortex community.

If you are a newcomer or just an enthusiast, be sure to be at the Orientation on Thursday.

Where is CascadiaFire happening and how do I get there? 2016-06-22T16:34:45+00:00

We celebrate CascadiaFire in the beautiful Skookumchuck River Valley near Tenino, about 20 miles east of Centralia, Washington. Precise directions will be emailed to registered participants shortly before the event. The location is midway between Portland and Seattle with Mount St. Helens to the southeast and Mount Rainier to the northeast. Driving is swift, simple and sure. Bicycling is exhilarating, spacious and refreshing. Those who wish to take Amtrak to Centralia can take a shuttle to and from the event site through prior arrangements.

Can I get a refund if I need to cancel? Can I transfer my registration to a friend? 2017-02-23T13:27:07+00:00

Refund requests follow the following schedule; any refund request must be received by email by the dates listed:

  • THROUGH JUNE 1: Full registration refund
  • JUNE 2 TO JULY 17: 50% registration refund
  • AFTER JULY 17: No registration refund

All refunds will be issued via check or Paypal within 30 days. Donations can not be refunded.

You may not transfer your registration to another person without explicit confirmation from the registrar first! Any such new person will need to complete registration. If a registration is transferred to someone improperly, CascadiaFire reserves the option to deny them entry.

How do children participate in the CascadiaFire community and events? 2017-02-22T14:18:54+00:00

Children are central to healthy culture in Cascadia. CascadiaFire will host participatory events for children.

Parents and extended family will coordinate creative, educational and magickal activities during afternoon shared get togethers and nighttime ceremony. Kids activities will be facilitated by CascadiaFire for sharing magick of our children and for supporting the broader community during Quiet Time.

Children are welcome to participate in CascadiaFire events, including nighttime Circle, with responsible supervision.

When can participants arrive and set up? 2017-03-12T14:21:17+00:00

10:00am – 6pm on Thursday, August 25. The gates will close at 7 pm, Thursday, August 25. No late arrivals please!

When do we need to have everyone off the land? 2016-06-09T17:07:57+00:00

By 6pm Sunday, August 28. No exceptions.

Is there a state park with campgrounds near the event site? 2017-02-22T14:18:54+00:00

Millersylvania State Park is a large camping park on Deep Lake offering boating, fishing and hiking in a preserved old-growth forest.

12245 Tilley Rd SW, Olympia, WA 98512
(360) 753-1519,+12245+Tilley+Rd+SW,+Olympia,+WA+98512/@46.9133525,-122.9149348,17z/

What if I’m going to arrive late or need to leave early? 2016-05-22T14:56:18+00:00

CascadiaFire requests no late arrivals or early departures. Participants must arrive no later than 6pm Thursday, August 25, and leave no earlier than 11:00am on Sunday, August 28. This policy is important to maintain the magick and continuity of the weekend.

What if I want to come for only the daytime? 2016-05-22T14:52:26+00:00

Day visits are not feasible nor allowed.

What happens for meals at CascadiaFire? Food Altar? 2017-03-12T14:21:17+00:00

CascadiaFire is a bring your own and food sharing event. Not only do hearty meals nourish and ground us for ceremony and creative activities, these shared meals are central to the community building that will grow long beyond this event. Share your bounty during this harvest season.

We will share dinner on Friday and Saturday – bring your best and most delightful offerings. A potluck feast on Saturday evening will be our main community meal. Basic sustenance will be available for a well-grounded Sunday morning. Other meals will be self-organizing.

Eat, drink, feast and make merry. All acts of love and pleasure are our rituals. Bring foods, drinks and indulgences that inspire and nourish you and your clan. We encourage bringing healthy and substantial main dishes, salads, fruits, vegetables and treats in bountiful amounts for sharing.

Any items you share need to be prominently labeled with their constituents; please bring such labels. Many at CascadiaFire have specific dietary concerns. In respect for these preferences and avoidances, please consider foods for sharing that are free of wheat, gluten, dairy and added sugar. BYOB – Bring your own Bread!

We encourage bringing healthy and substantial main dishes, salads, fruits, vegetables and treats in bountiful amounts for sharing. Saturday evening and Sunday morning deserve extra abundance. We request that all items to be shared be free of wheat, gluten, dairy and added sugar. Any items containing such ingredients need to be prominently labeled with their constituents; so, please bring such labels. BYOB – Bring your own Bread!

Of course, you are welcome to bring whatever you need for your nourishment at your own campsite. Spontaneous potlucks and campsite sharing encouraged.

The Food Altar will be open during the nighttime circle as well as during afternoon community gatherings. Contributing substantial food, delicious snacks and nutritious surprises for the Food Altar is essential and separate from the community meals and potlucks.


What should I bring with regard to eating and kitchen implements? 2017-03-12T14:21:17+00:00

Make sure to bring plates, bowls, cups, silverware, non-glass water bottles and flowers, decorations and banners if you so desire. We will be decorating the Food Altar.

Foods that can be served in bite-sized portions are especially welcome. Previous indulgences include pineapple, chocolate, dipped fruits, non-gluten snacks…

Many at CascadiaFire have specific dietary concerns. In respect for these preferences and avoidances, please consider foods for sharing that are free of wheat, gluten, dairy and added sugar. Any items containing such ingredients need to be prominently labeled with their constituents; so, please bring such labels.

Materials other than glass recommended. No glassware allowed in or around the Fire Circle.

Is cooking at campsites allowed? 2016-06-09T17:06:56+00:00

Food preparation and cook stoves are allowed at campsites. You cannot have an open fire at your campsite — fires are not allowed at campsites or anywhere other than the Central Fire and the Root Fire.

Are campsites accessible by car? 2016-05-22T14:46:58+00:00

Cars will be parked in a designated and accessible area away from camping areas. You will be able to unload and load at set-up and closure.

Is there a place for RVs and campers? 2016-06-10T19:08:22+00:00

The CascadiaFire site will accommodate a limited number of RVs and campers. Preregistration is required.
Note: Generators must be off during Quiet Time.

How much is the fee for RV and campers? 2016-06-10T19:08:56+00:00

RV and campers are $30 for the entire weekend event.
During the registration process only the driver need pay the vehicle fee.

Will any kind of hookups (water, sewer, power) be provided for RV’s and campers? 2017-03-12T14:21:18+00:00

No. The site is not equipped for such hookups.

What musical instruments are appropriate for CascadiaFire? 2017-03-12T14:21:18+00:00

Hand drums, framedrum, didgeridoo, singing bowls, thumb piano, handpan, harp, percussion.

Electrified instruments are not prohibited but need to be harmonious with group dynamic and sound levels.

Your voice is always welcome. Singing and poetry are encouraged.

Rhythm, melody and emptiness all interplay.

Music is for the ceremony, the dancers and the Fire.

CascadiaFire is not a “performance” venue; there is no “audience”. The afternoon Bardic offerings will provide opportunities for you to share your art.

Drums move the ceremony, celebration and dance but CascadiaFire is not a “drum circle”.

What clothing will I bring for ceremonial activities? 2017-03-12T14:21:18+00:00

Festive, theatrical and magickal attire rich with meaning is invited.

Craft a different theme for each night; even for different phases of a night. The overall themes across fire circles and magickal gatherings is

  • coming together;
  • invoking, activating and celebrating; and
  • assimilating, connecting and rippling outward

Alchemical Fire Circles customarily do Black, White and Red for the three nights, respectively. These colors represent phases in the alchemical process of transmutation.

Another sequence to embody might be: Cascadia – green, blue and earthy; Fire Family – red and gold; Child and/or The Fool – innocence, discovery, emergence, playful joy.

Bring layers for temperature flux – internal and external. Remember you can keep your gear and costumery at your nest.

How does healing fit into CascadiaFire? 2017-02-22T14:18:54+00:00

CascadiaFire offers a designated sacred site as a Self-Healing Temple. Members of the community are invited to offer support to those who enter the center of this Temple but providing medical treatment is not the purpose of these activities.

All healing is self-healing. We naturally heal when we align Self, Community, Cascadia and Gaia.

CascadiaFire will have emergency medical personnel present but does not accept responsibility for unauthorized provision of medical services.

Can I take a shower after my ecstatic activities? 2016-05-22T15:01:00+00:00

Limited primitive/simple solar showers will be available on the site.

Will there be fresh water available at the event site? 2017-03-12T14:21:18+00:00

CascadiaFire and Dragons Gate will provide abundant fresh water for drinking and other uses.

Are medical services and/or first aid available at CascadiaFire? 2017-03-12T14:21:18+00:00

CascadiaFire will have emergency medical personnel present but does not accept responsibility for unauthorized provision of medical services. Participants are recommended to bring their own first aid kits.

Is smoking (cigarettes or cigars) allowed at CascadiaFire? 2017-03-12T14:21:18+00:00

Smoking of cigarettes or cigars is not allowed on the CascadiaFire event site except in clearly designated areas. Please respect the rules of the property and its spaces.

Are alcohol or controlled substances welcome at CascadiaFire? 2017-03-12T14:21:18+00:00

CascadiaFire, Inc. does not condone the use of alcohol or controlled substances in the Fire Circle. Responsible and respectful behavior is central to Fire Circle ethics, self-care and community. Healthy and responsible altered states of awareness will be provided for.

What if my age or physical condition limit my mobility? 2016-06-09T17:06:44+00:00

CascadiaFire will make available limited transportation assistance. The event site is rugged and not wheelchair accessible.

What if my age or physical condition limit my ability to camp? 2016-05-22T14:42:11+00:00

CascadiaFire advises using an RV if camping is not feasible. Very limited special camper or apartment housing options may be available at an additional cost. Use the Contact form to initiate communication as soon as possible so we can work together to serve your needs.

Are cell phones allowed at CascadiaFire? 2017-03-12T14:21:18+00:00

Mobile phone signals at the event site is inconsistent and unreliable.

Phone use at or near the Fire Circle, Nourishment Altar, Gathering Space, Self-Healing Temple or other scared spaces is strongly discouraged. Cell phone conversation at campsites should be done with attention to and respect for neighbors.

Are photography and video taping allowed at CascadiaFire? 2017-03-12T14:21:18+00:00

Photography and video taping of activities and people are not allowed in or around the Fire Circle, Self-Healing Temple or other sacred spaces.

Photography and video taping are allowed in campsites, Gathering Space, workshops and other public areas unless specifically objected to by anyone present; such requests need be honored.

What happens to the stuff I bring to CascadiaFire? 2017-03-12T14:21:18+00:00

Be aware and trusting in what you choose to bring. The basic guideline is take care of anything you bring. Composting and recycling facilities will be available. In general though: pack it in, pack it out. As a community we always leave a site in better shape than it was when we arrived.

Can I bring a pet? 2016-06-11T14:44:01+00:00

Pets are not allowed on the site, per the site owner’s policy. No exceptions.

Where can I acquire one of those beautiful CascadiaFire mugs or other magickal accouterments designed by Arun? 2017-03-12T14:21:18+00:00
Check out our store on Zazzle.
What supplies and accoutrements should I consider bringing (and not bringing)? 2017-03-12T14:24:39+00:00

There’s a full list of recommended items you should bring for the gathering.


  • Magickal Intent items
  • Clothing/Adornment
  • Musical Instruments
  • Enhancements To Share
  • Tent, Bedding and Campsite
  • Nesting Area items (this is the area that you may create around the fire circle of your own for rest or stargazing)
  • Personal Care items
  • Personal Beverages and Food
    Functional Tools


  • Pets or other animals
  • Firearms, explosives or fireworks
  • Illegal substances
  • Alcohol or intoxicants
  • Candles or incense